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“You've had it with cutting the grass. You're up to here with painting. And if you have to replace that water heater one more time...  Sure that old Colonial served the family well for the past 30 years, but you don't need four bedrooms and an acre any more. You've made the decision. It's time to move on, to downsize.”*

But where do I begin?

Several companies such as Moving Solutions and Survival Essentials are available to help make packing and moving easier on you. These companies help reduce the stress and physical demands of moving with caring, efficient and cost-effective service.

One customer writes that the company they used “helped us with a major downsizing. We had been in our home for 28 years and we had accumulated too many items. They came in, made sensible suggestions and we decided they would be our moving partners. We worked in harmony with them and they were extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. We wouldn't have done it without them.”

Moving Solutions logoMoving Solutions has a long history of moving and relocating residents of the Hershey’s Mill community.


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* Taken from Main Line Today Magazine.

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